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Who's Who of Delerium Guest Artists

Some time after Karma came out, the track "Silence" became hugely popular, quite possibly due to the fact that Sarah McLachlan sang on it as a guest artist. I suspect the reaction in Nettwerk probably went along the lines of "Cool! Guest artists = success! Let's do an album with every track having a guest artist!". And so Delerium began their guest artist phase.

This phase has so far consisted of Poem and Chimera "But," you may be asking "Who are all these people who have guest artisted on these albums? I haven't heard of some of them before!" If so, I've taken the liberty of preparing this page so that you won't have to bother doing all the research!

The peoples

In alphabetical order. Yes, by first name.

Emily Haines
Chimera: Stopwatch Hearts
Co-founder and singer/keyboardist of Toronto-based electronic band Metric.
Isabel Bayrakdarian
Nuages Du Monde: Angelicus, Luminus
An Armenian-Canadian soprano who's popped up on a number of movie soundtracks including Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.
Chimera: After All
Nuages Du Monde: Lost and Found
Of Swiss band Lunik who seem to have a sort of cruisy accoustic sound, and a web page done entirely in Shockwave flash.
Jenifer McLaren
Poem: Fallen Icons
Canadian-born pop artist. This was her debut with Nettwerk.
Joanna Stevens
Poem: Myth, A Poem for Byzantium
One half of Solar Twins, an electronica group based in Los Angeles, though they originally hail from the UK.
Julee Cruise
Chimera: Magic
Iowan Julee Cruise was catapaulted to fame with the aid of Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch. Apparently Moby likes her.
Katherine Blake
Nuages Du Monde: Extollere, Sister Sojourn Ghost
Founding member of the Mediæval Bæbes.
Kiran Ahluwalia
Nuages Du Monde: Indoctrination
A world music artist who specialises in Punjabi folk songs
Kirsty Hawkshaw
Poem: Nature's Kingdom, Inner Sanctum
Nuages Du Monde: Fleeting Instant
Singer for a number of bands including Opus III and Pulusha. I couldn't find a lot of info, but she has a web page at
Kristy Thirsk
Chimera: Returning
Nuages Du Monde: Self-Saboteur
A stalwart Delerium singer from Semantic Spaces and Karma. Kristy also has a solo career and a web site with a lot of exclamation marks on it.
Leigh Nash
Poem: Innocente
Chimera: Run For It, Orbit Of Me

Lead singer of Sixpence None The Richer, a pop band from Nashville.
Margaret Far
Chimera: Just A Dream
May be the Enya of electronic music, according to I'll have to check out her music...
Matthew Sweet
Poem: Daylight
One part of The Thorns, Matthew Sweet has a solo pop career and some bizarre navigation on his web page.
Mediæval Bæbes, The
Poem: Aria
Nuages Du Monde: Extollere, Sister Sojourn Ghost
A group of attractive young women who sing Mediæval style songs in Latin and so forth.
Nerina Pallot
Chimera: Truly
And not, as you might misread from the back cover, Nerina Pallet (careful with the fancy fonts there). Nerina has an album out called Dear Frustrated Superstar.
Rachel Fuller
Chimera: Touched
Rachel Fuller's web site is "coming soon", so all I know is she's worked with Pete Townshend (of The Who, who also provides guitars on Touched) and she uses orchestras in her music.
Rani Kamal
Poem: Underwater
Chimera: Fallen

Rani has also worked with Conjure One (who are the same team as behind Delerium anyway) and Mr. Sam, but that's all I could find on her. Sorry.
Sarah McLachlan
Poem: Silence (Some versions)
You may have heard of her. Hugely successful solo artist and Grammy award winner who began her career in the late 1980s.
Silence, of course, originally featured on Karma.
Chimera: Forever After
AKA Songul Akturk, Sultana is a rapper who hails from Turkey.
Zoë Johnston
Chimera: Love
Nuages Du Monde: The Way You Want It To Be
Zoë previous worked with Faithless and Bent, and has a solo career.

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