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Stone Age

Stone Age (AKA "Stone Edge") is a French group which produces ambient-ish music in a similar vein to Engima and Deep Forest. Heavily influenced by Celtic legend and using both French and English lyrics, their music has a quirky style all of its own.

The number of Stone Age sites on the web seems to have dwindled quite badly, with even Sony Music deleting the web page that was promoted with Time Travellers. Is Stone Age defunct? According to the archives on the Wayback machine of a now-gone site, they toured as recently as 2003...

Stone Age are:
Michel Valy (AKA Kervador), Marc Hazon (AKA Marc de Ponkallec), Jerôme Gueguen (AKA Lach'ilaouet), and Dominique Perrier (AKA Terra cotta)

Stone Age41:0719949
Time Travellers46:20199710
Totems d'Armorique52:3320078

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