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Shepherd Moons

Artist: Enya
Type: Album
Release date: 1991
Run time: 43:54
My Rating: 8

  1. Shepherd Moons (3:45)
  2. Caribbean Blue (3:59)
  3. How Can I Keep From Singing? (4:25)
  4. Ebudæ (1:55)
  5. Angeles (4:01)
  6. No Holly For Miss Quinn (2:43)
  7. Book Of Days (2:55)
  8. Evacuee (3:50)
  9. Lothlórien (2:07)
  10. Marble Halls (3:54)
  11. Afer Ventus (4:06)
  12. Smaointe... (6:08)


Following on from Watermark, Shepherd Moons is pretty much an archetypal Enya album. We have piano pieces, plucked strings in "Caribbean Blue", the dramatically Latin "Afer Ventus", the sublimely beautiful "How Can I Keep From Singing?" and "Marble Halls", etc. A wonderful album, if not hugely dynamic.

There's a Gaelic version of "Book of Days" out there, I gather, but I haven't found a copy yet.

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