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This Child

Artist: Susan Aglukark
Type: Album
Release date: 1995
Run time: 48:54
My Rating: 9

  1. This Child (6:26)
  2. Shamaya (4:34)
  3. Suffer in Silence (3:58)
  4. O Siem (4:27)
  5. Dreams for You (3:57)
  6. Hine Na Ho (Celebration) (4:11)
  7. Kathy I (4:31)
  8. Pond Inlet (3:57)
  9. Slippin' Through the Cracks (3:21)
  10. Breakin' Down (3:46)
  11. Casualties of War (5:41)


I purchased this CD (over the net as it doesn't seem to be available in New Zealand) as I'd already heard "This Child" on one of the Moods collection and liked it. The rest of the album varies in tone quite a lot, from the joyous "Hine Na Ho" (one of my favourite tracks) to the more wistful songs like "Dreams for You". Some of the songs make use of the Inuit language and tales.

I'm still waiting for Susan Aglukark's other CDs to gain widespread release so I can buy 'em...

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