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World Mix

Artist: Deep Forest
Type: Album
Release date: 1993
Run time: 76:36
My Rating: 8

  1. Deep Forest (5:33)
  2. Sweet Lullaby (3:53)
  3. Hunting (3:27)
  4. Night Bird (4:18)
  5. The First Twilight (3:18)
  6. Savana Dance (4:26)
  7. Desert Walk (5:14)
  8. White Whisper (5:45)
  9. The Second Twilight (3:02)
  10. Sweet Lullaby (Ambient Mix) (3:44)
  11. Sweet Lullaby (Around The World Mix) (6:48)
  12. Sweet Lullaby (Apollo Mix) (7:20)
  13. Deep Forest (Sunrise at Alcatraz) (7:07)
  14. Forest Hymn (Apollo Mix) (6:46)
  15. Forest Hymn (5:49)


The first album Deep Forest released was so successful they released it again with a pile of remixes on it. There's the classic track "Sweet Lullaby", of course, which now deservedly graces many a world music compilation, and less well-known but brilliant tracks like "Hunting" and "Night Bird". Mixing dance beats with ethnic sounds is unfortunately now something of a cliché, but Deep Forest does it with style.

The remixes are all right and generally pretty good, though listening to the same song over and over again gets a tad wearying. Still the ambient version of "Sweet Lullaby" and the Sunrise at Alcatraz remix are both cool.

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