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Artist: Delerium
Type: Album
Release date: 1994
Run time: 67:15
My Rating: 5

  1. Monolith (10:02)
  2. Transmitter (13:36)
  3. Wavelength (13:22)
  4. Colony (12:06)
  5. Dark Matter (7:30)
  6. Cloud Barrier (6:47)
  7. Turmoil (3:48)


Atmospheric and often-chaotic synthesizer music. Computer instruments appear and disappear with great frequency, making each track feel like a somewhat disjointed series of tunes. The already-quite-long tracks often seem about twice as long again...

Extensive use is made on "Monolith" and "Wavelength" of samples from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey to great effect. "Wavelength" sounds a wee bit like some of the tracks on The Worlds of Doctor Who, particularly the 80s incidental music (plus the baseline sounds a bit like the Doctor Who theme)...

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