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Synthesizer Greatest Volume III - Beyond Imagination

Artist: Various
Type: Album
Release date: 1993
Run time: 73:28
My Rating: 5

  1. Galactic Sounds Unlimited, Dune (Desert Theme) (5:11)
  2. Bilitis (3:27)
  3. Out Of Africa (3:02)
  4. Galactic Sounds Unlimited, L'Opera Sauvage (5:49)
  5. Star Wars Suite (1:37)
  6. The Friends Of Mr Cairo (1:50)
  7. Going Home (3:56)
  8. Toccata (4:20)
  9. Popcorn (2:30)
  10. Ode To Amadeus (3:14)
  11. Ed Starink, Axel F. (2:58)
  12. Ed Starink, Equinoxe Part 4 (4:25)
  13. Ed Starink, I Hear You Now (5:02)
  14. Galactic Sounds Unlimited, Zoolokologie (5:11)
  15. Galactic Sounds Unlimited, Twin Peaks Theme (4:54)
  16. Ed Starink, Tubular Bells (Single Edit) (7:17)
  17. Galactic Sounds Unlimited, Rotations Logic (3:34)
  18. Galactic Sounds Unlimited, Apocalypse Des Animaux (6:02)


Whereas Dino Music's first two releases in this series were straight imports of Ed Starink's albums of the same names, Volume III is instead a collection of tracks from a number of different synthesizer artists. Unfortunately this means that the quality varies, often drastically, from track to track. None of the artists are credited, though four of the tracks are clearly reproduced from Starink's first two albums, and I was able to match up some of the other tracks with versions by "Galactic Sounds Umlimited".

As I say, the quality varies a lot over the course of the album with Starink's tracks tending to be among the best. The "Star Wars Suite" is probably the worst, suffering from the terrible synth instruments used. "Ode to Amadeus" is fun, but I'm left wondering who did the arrangement.

In all, a variable effort, and I'm left wishing that they'd instead continued to release Ed Starink's much superior series.

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