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Greatest Hits II

Artist: Queen
Type: Album
Release date: 1991
Run time: 75:57
My Rating: 9

  1. A Kind Of Magic (4:22)
  2. Under Pressure (3:56)
  3. Radio Ga Ga (5:43)
  4. I Want It All (4:01)
  5. I Want To Break Free (4:18)
  6. Innuendo (6:27)
  7. It's A Hard Life (4:09)
  8. Breakthru (4:09)
  9. Who Wants To Live Forever (4:57)
  10. Headlong (4:33)
  11. The Miracle (4:54)
  12. I'm Going Slightly Mad (4:07)
  13. The Invisible Man (3:58)
  14. Hammer To Fall (3:40)
  15. Friends Will Be Friends (4:08)
  16. The Show Must Go On (4:23)
  17. One Vision (4:02)


Another 17 hits from the classic British group Queen, from back when Freddy was still alive and the group wasn't doing backup for boy bands on covers of classic Queen tracks. If you buy one Queen album, get this one or Greatest Hits, or both. I could say more, but other than the fact that every track on this album is a classic, there's not much more I need to say.

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