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Artist: Delerium
Type: Album
Release date: 2000
Run time: 69:55
My Rating: 10

  1. Innocente (6:33) Featuring Leigh Nash
  2. Nature's Kingdom (5:15) Featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw
  3. Daylight (5:34) Featuring Matthew Sweet
  4. Underwater (5:22) Featuring Rani Kamal
  5. Fallen Icons (6:30) Featuring Jenifer McLaren
  6. Aria (6:50) Featuring the Mediæval Bæbes
  7. Myth (6:10) Featuring Joanna Stevens
  8. Inner Sanctum (7:20) Featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw
  9. A Poem for Byzantium (5:53) Featuring Joanna Stevens
  10. Amongst the Ruins (10:33)
  11. Silence (Airscape mix) (3:50) Featuring Sarah McLachlan


I was a tad trepedatious (is that a word?) about getting the latest Delerium album. The fact that almost every track had a guest vocalist suggested a rather cheeky attempt to absorb fame in a slightly parasitic manner. But I bought Poem when I was in the US anyway, and I'm glad to say there was no compromise in quality.

There's a couple of oddities here: a remix of Silence, which was on an album put out several years ago now; and the fact that only the second-to-last track doesn't have a guest vocalist. Of course, whoever does the vocals, the tracks have same quality I've come to expect after numerous listenings of Karma and Semantic Spaces.

I'd like to particularly single out Innocente, Daylight, and Aria as some of the best tracks I've heard. I stand by the 10 rating I gave this album - it's very addictive listening!

If you're wondering who some of the guest artists are, I've put together a Delerium Who's Who to help.

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