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Fragments of Freedom

Artist: Morcheeba
Type: Album
Release date: 2000
Run time: 44:32
My Rating: 9

  1. World Looking In (4:07)
  2. Rome Wasn't Built In a Day (3:35)
  3. Love is Rare (4:04)
  4. Let It Go (4:43)
  5. A Well Deserved Break (2:13)
  6. Love Sweet Love (3:58) Featuring Mr Complex
  7. In the Hands of the Gods (1:43) Featuring Biz Markie
  8. Shallow End (3:53)
  9. Be Yourself (3:16)
  10. Coming Down Gently (4:21)
  11. Good Girl Down (3:26) Featuring Bahamadia
  12. Fragments of Freedom (5:08)


A retro-70s-ish sort of sound - well, barring In The Hands of the Gods, which is rap. Very upbeat music. The third and fourth tracks sound bizarrely similar to Geri Halliwell's output.

[Cover - please do not remote link]

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