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Within the Realm of a Dying Sun

Artist: Dead Can Dance
Type: Album
Release date: 1987
Run time: 38:45
My Rating: 7

  1. Anywhere Out of the World (5:08)
  2. Windfall (3:30)
  3. In the Wake of Adversity (4:14)
  4. Xavier (6:16)
  5. Dawn of the Iconoclast (2:06)
  6. Cantara (5:58)
  7. Summoning of the Muse (4:55)
  8. Persephone (the gathering of flowers) (6:36)


Usual DCD superbness. I'm sure I've heard Dawn of the Iconoclast somewhere before... Xavier is pretty good, as is Summoning of the Muse (tubular bells, eh?).

[Cover - please do not remote link]

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