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The Celtic Circle

Artist: Celtic Circle (Various)
Type: Album
Release date: 2003
Run time: 142:36
My Rating: 9

Disc 1 (71:53)

  1. Loreena McKennitt, The Mystic's Dream (7:41)
  2. The Corrs, Runaway (3:47)
  3. The Chieftains, Factory Girl (4:23) Featuring Sinéad O'Connor
  4. Clannad, I Will Find You (5:17)
  5. Máire Brennan, Eirish Suas A Stoirin (4:02)
  6. Howard Shore, The Fellowship of the Ring Suite (5:52)
  7. Phil Coulter, The Shores Of The Swilly (4:12) Featuring Sinéad O'Connor
  8. Sarah McLachlan, Angel (4:31)
  9. Nightnoise, The Rose Of Tralee (3:19)
  10. Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning, cùChulainn's Last Battle (2:54)
  11. Within Temptation, Our Farewell (5:19)
  12. Karen Matheson, Evangeline (2:26)
  13. Anuna, She Moved Through The Fair (3:07)
  14. William Coulter, Keening Of The Three Marys (5:55)
  15. David Arkenstone, The Dragon's Breath (3:28)
  16. Vangelis, 12 O'Clock (5:32)

Disc 2 (70:43)

  1. Ryan & Rachel O'Donnell, May It Be (3:18)
  2. Loreena McKennitt, Skellig (6:08)
  3. Clannad, Theme From Harry's Game (2:28)
  4. James Horner, Braveheart Trilogy (5:41)
  5. Capercaillie, Ailein Duinn (3:33)
  6. Dune, Who Wants To Live Forever (3:56)
  7. Elysia, Elysium (4:22)
  8. Lisa Lynne, Circle Of Joy (4:45)
  9. Mary McLaughlin, Caoineadh Na Mara / Amen (Lament of the Sea) (5:05)
  10. Steve Howe & Annie Haslam, Turn Of The Century (6:29)
  11. Nightwish, Sleeping Sun (4:04)
  12. Annie Ebrel & Gilles Le Bigot, Ar Galon Digorr (4:30) Featuring Davy Spillane
  13. Kate Bush, Women of Ireland (Mná na hÉireann) (2:52)
  14. Clannad & Bono, In A Lifetime (3:05)
  15. Alan Stivell, Brian Boru (5:30)
  16. John Williams, Hedwig's Theme (4:50)


This album has an interesting definition of Celtic. As well as the requisite Loreena McKennitt and Clannad tracks, we have the likes of Greek composer Vangelis and Sarah McLachlin. Yet another version of She Moved Through The Fair (Anuna's version's not bad, but it's not the best I've heard either). Factory Girl is one of the best tracks on the first disc - it has a quiet beauty, with the music simply serving to underline Sinéad O'Connor's soulful lyrics.

Interestingly there are a number of tracks from movies, notably a cover of Enya's May It Be (quite good, though why not just use the original?) from Lord of the Rings and a cover of Who Wants to Live Forever (all right, but I still prefer Queen's version. The other Soundtrack pieces are quite good (though, um, "Harry Potter"?).

There's a fair share of tracks in Gaelic, of course, including a rendition of Women of Ireland sung by Kate Bush and a track from Maire Brennan of Clannad. Wouldn't be a Celtic album without them.

Excellent stuff - I'll be looking out for sequels.

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