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Artist: Vangelis
Type: Album
Release date: 1996
Run time: 74:58
My Rating: 9

  1. To The Unknown Man (6:34)
  2. Italian Song (2:49)
  3. Pulstar (5:38)
  4. La Petite Fille De La Mer (5:49)
  5. Alpha (5:33)
  6. I Hear You Now (5:06)
  7. I'll Find My Way Home (4:27)
  8. State Of Independence (6:07)
  9. Himalaya (6:51)
  10. Conquest Of Paradise (5:31)
  11. Hymn (5:06)
  12. Antarctica (3:44)
  13. Sauvage et Beau (3:17)
  14. Chariots Of Fire (3:22)
  15. So Long Ago, So Clear (4:57)


This album traces Vangelis' work from 1973 to today, ranging from the lullaby-like La Petite Fille De La Mer, to the ever powerful Conquest of Paradise. Unsurprisingly there are four tracks from his collaboration with Jon Anderson - while the vocals are superb, the lyrics could have done with some work... (Maybe I'm just not used to hearing them with vocals!)

My favourite piece of Vangelis music, Hymn, gets a choral version. I dunno if I like it as much, but it's still pretty darn good.

For most of these tracks, I'd only heard covers by the likes of Ed Starink. Of course, for the most part the originals were as good as or better than the covers. The only original version I thought was inferior to Starink's cover was Pulstar.

[Cover - please do not remote link]

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