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Artist: Delerium
Type: Album
Release date: 2003
Run time: 94:43
My Rating: 9

Disc 1 (68:27)

  1. Love (4:03) Featuring Zoë Johnston
  2. After All (4:51) Featuring Jaël
  3. Just A Dream (5:26) Featuring Margaret Far
  4. Run For It (4:35) Featuring Leigh Nash
  5. Truly (4:38) Featuring Nerina Pallot
  6. Serenity (7:20)
  7. Touched (4:05) Featuring Rachel Fuller
  8. Forever After (4:34) Featuring Sultana
  9. Fallen (3:50) Featuring Rani
  10. Orbit Of Me (5:23) Featuring Leigh Nash
  11. Magic (4:35) Featuring Julee Cruise
  12. Eternal Odyssey (9:46)
  13. Returning (5:14) Featuring Kristy Thirsk

Disc 2 (26:16)

  1. Stopwatch Hearts (4:09) Featuring Emily Haines
  2. After All (Satoshi Tomiie Remix) (10:45) Featuring Jaël
  3. After All (Andrew Sega Mix) (7:25) Featuring Jaël
  4. After All (Amniotic Insomniac Remix) (3:56) Featuring Jaël


Like Poem, mostly a collection of vocal tracks with various guest artists, though here the tracks tend to be a more conventional length and therefore there are more of them. Also like the preceding albums, the tracks are lush, multi-layered soundscapes. There are two instrumental (well, they don't have lyrics...) tracks - Serenity and Eternal Odyssey. Rani and Leigh Nash, both from Poem, return (Run For It does sound similar to Innocente) as does Kristy Thirsk who was a regular during the Karma/Semantic Spaces phase of Delerium.

The track that made the album for me was Forever After and its unique mix of rap and song, all in Turkish, contributed by Sultana. Other tracks I thought were good: After All, Run For It, Serenity, Touched, and Returning. The only track I actively didn't like is Magic and its bizarre narration.

I gotta wonder at the line "Catching stupid's arrows in my teeth" in Orbit of Me though. Maybe I'm missing something, but seems like it should be Cupid being referred to there.

In addition there's a bonus disc. Stopwatch Hearts is excellent and better than some of the tracks on the main disc. The remixes are all right, the Satoshi Tomiie mix is the better of the three, though the Amniotic Insomniac version sounds sorta Bjorkish.

This CD is copy protected.

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