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Melody A.M.

Artist: Röyksopp
Type: Album
Release date: 2001
Run time: 46:30
My Rating: 9

  1. So Easy (4:09)
  2. Eple (3:36)
  3. Sparks (5:25)
  4. In Space (3:30)
  5. Poor Leno (3:57)
  6. A Higher Place (4:31)
  7. Röyksopp's Night Out (7:30)
  8. Remind Me (3:39)
  9. She's So (5:23)
  10. 40 Years Back\Come (4:45)


The debut album by Norwegians Röyksopp, which I found tucked in the "Downbeat" section in Planet Jack. In style, it fluctuates somewhat, between the cheerful electronica of Eple, to the mellowness of Sparks and everywhere in between. One or two of the tracks wouldn't be out of place on a Moby album, then you get to the really loopy tracks like Royksopp's Night Out, which shoots all over the spectrum. 40 Years Back sounds bizarrely like incidental music from the game "Maniac Mansion 2: The Day of the Tentacle", and this is followed immediately by the dreamlike Come. Insane! An excellent album to start a career with.

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