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Toward the Within

Artist: Dead Can Dance
Type: DVD
Release date: 2001
Run time: 70:32
My Rating: 9

Picture Ratio: 4:3
Extras: Discography
Audio Options: Dolby 2.0

  1. Opening Credits (0:12)
  2. Rakim (7:53)
  3. Song of the Sibyl (5:29)
  4. I Can See Now (2:51)
  5. American Dreaming (6:14)
  6. Cantara (6:31)
  7. The Wind that Shakes the Barley (3:17)
  8. I am Stretched on Your Grave (5:55)
  9. Desert Song (5:32)
  10. Oman (6:14)
  11. Gloridean (6:31)
  12. Tristan (1:48)
  13. Sanvean (3:59)
  14. Don't Fade Away (5:48)
  15. End Credits (2:18)
  16. The Host of Seraphim (7:08)
  17. The Carnival is Over (4:36)
  18. Frontier (3:05)
  19. The Protagonist (8:07)
  20. Yulunga (spirit dance) (6:55)


This DVD was originally included as part of a box set, but is now available separately. Oddly, this is not the full concert, as there are a number of tracks on the audio CD release which aren't here.

The live concert is presented in what is to my knowledge a unique way - at the end of most of the songs we get interview clips with Lisa Gerrard and/or Brendan Perry regarding their philosophy about music, or some instrument which is used in the next song. While these are interesting, they break up the flow of the concert and I suspect they'd have been better included separately.

The concert itself is very well edited and it's quite a revelation to see Dead Can Dance in concert finally. Good stuff!

Also included are five music videos, none of which I'd seen before. The Carnival is Over is pretty trippy and reminiscent of Enigma. Lisa Gerrard looks incredibly uncomfortable in the Frontier video, for some reason.

Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry

[Cover - please do not remote link]

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