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Tiny Blue Biosphere

Artist: Rhian Sheehan
Type: Album
Release date: 2004
Run time: 59:57
My Rating: 9

  1. traveller (2:16)
  2. bounderies (5:35)
  3. hiding place (3:28) Featuring Jess Chambers
  4. phobos (4:46)
  5. anon (1:42)
  6. somewhere within (2:08)
  7. cosmology (5:48)
  8. sunshine (6:44) Featuring Jess Chambers
  9. degrees of freedom (5:14)
  10. miles away (3:46) Featuring Gramsci, Bevan Smith & Matthew Mitchell
  11. patterns in time (1:28)
  12. system (5:41)
  13. te karanga (6:22) Featuring Kirsten Johnstone & Anika Moa
  14. the furthest place (4:54)


This is a very ambient electronic album, somewhat similar to Delerium's Spheres albums or Enigma's recent album Voyageur. Lots of dialogue samples describing aspects of the Universe, astronaut radio chatter, and a few samples from classic Science Fiction movies (The original H.G. Wells' Time Machine, and The Day The Earth Stood Still). Just when you think you've got the style pegged, you're hit with a track done entirely on acoustic guitar (Anon) or a David Bowie/ Björk fusion (Miles Away).

This album also introduces Jess Chambers (who has a great voice) and features Anika Moa and a number of other Kiwi musicians.

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