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Star Trek, 30th Anniversary Special

Artist: Various
Type: Album
Release date: 1998
Run time: 63:51
My Rating: 3

  1. Star Trek: Original Series Theme (1:02)
  2. The Trouble with Tribbles 1 (5:19)
  3. The Trouble with Tribbles 2 (1:36)
  4. The Trouble with Tribbles 3 (4:05)
  5. Star Trek: The Next Generation theme (1:48)
  6. Heart of Glory 1 (8:29)
  7. Heart of Glory 2 (6:30)
  8. The Inner Light (6:36)
  9. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine theme (1:54)
  10. The Visitor 1 (1:08)
  11. The Visitor 2 (3:07)
  12. The Visitor 3 (3:11)
  13. The Visitor 4 (2:57)
  14. The Visitor 5 (1:13)
  15. Star Trek: Voyager theme (2:22)
  16. Heroes and Demons 1 (2:31)
  17. Heroes and Demons 2 (1:19)
  18. Heroes and Demons 3 (1:47)
  19. Heroes and Demons 4 (6:48)


I bought this album because it was cheap and I quite like the Voyager theme. That said, WTF?

They've done something to the original series theme which basically sounds like someone was wiggling the balance control back and forth furiously. The Next Generation and Voyager themes are fine, but the Deep Space Nine theme sounds... odd. It's as though they had the sheet music for it, but got the tempo wrong.

The trouble with incidental music, as I may have mentioned before, is it's designed to match with the action on-screen. As a consequence, when taken out of context in this way, it appears to meander off in random directions. This is illustrated quite well by the first set of instrumental music.

Whoever compiled this anthology seems to have made the odd decision to only take music from single episodes from each series (except for TNG, of course). The fight music from Amok Time, or the dramatic music from The Best of Both Worlds, would have been nice. I'm quite fond of the unashamedly synth music for Heart of Glory though.

There's also a game demo for the First Contact game which I never got around to trying.

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