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Debut Live

Artist: Björk
Type: Album
Release date: 2004
Run time: 43:08
My Rating: 8

  1. Human Behavior (4:08)
  2. One Day (6:09)
  3. Venus as a Boy (2:32)
  4. Come To Me (3:44)
  5. Big Time Sensuality (5:07)
  6. Aeroplane (4:03)
  7. Like Someone In Love (4:01)
  8. Crying (4:10)
  9. The Anchor Song (3:25)
  10. Violently Happy (5:44)


Another in the series of live recordings. Like Post Live, this is missing songs which were on the original studio release (There's More To Life Than This and Play Dead) but that's really its only flaw. Seems to play better through my headphones than on my home stereo and, in fact, sounds better in most places than the original album, simply because the latter could do with remastering.

Once again, this is merely the soundtrack from one of the concert DVDs (the MTV release, I think.

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