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Artist: Björk
Type: DVD
Release date: 2001
Run time: 66:17
My Rating: 8

Picture Ratio: 4:3
Extras: None
Audio Options: Stereo

  1. Vísur Vatnsenda Rósu (4:00)
  2. Hunter (4:33)
  3. Come to Me (4:19)
  4. All Neon Like (7:13)
  5. You've Been Flirting Again (3:25)
  6. Isobel (5:20)
  7. Immature (2:57)
  8. Play Dead (4:03)
  9. Alarm Call (3:18)
  10. Human Behavior (3:56)
  11. Bachelorette (5:22)
  12. Hyper Ballad (4:44)
  13. Pluto (4:22)
  14. Anchor Song (4:20)
  15. Jòga (5:27)
  16. Credits (0:58)


Footage of the 1998 concert with the Icelandic Octet and Mark Bell. An excellent concert, in fact - Björk was her usual energetic self throughout and the instrumentation was superb throughout. the set is heavily Homogenic biased, but that's my favourite Björk album, so I'm happy. We get treated to a pretty funky version of "Alarm Call", and "You've Been Flirting Again" and "Anchor Song" are both performed in Icelandic...

I wasn't as keen on the live version of "Hunter", however. I suspect that's because really it was the Björk track which got me hooked, and the studio version will always be the definitive version for me. Still, great concert, and I would say one of the best Björk concert DVDs.

Why is her forehead painted white anyway?

[Cover - please do not remote link]

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