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Artist: Duran Duran
Type: DVD
Release date: 2003
Run time: 96:15
My Rating: 8

Picture Ratio: 4:3
Extras: alternate versions, interview footage, discography, audio Q & A, photo gallers, lyrics, screensavers
Audio Options: Stereo (LPCM and PCM)

Disc 1 (57:33)

  1. Planet Earth (3:58)
  2. Girls On Film Uncensored (6:26)
  3. The Chauffeur (5:00)
  4. Hungry Like The Wolf (3:42)
  5. Save a Prayer (6:06)
  6. Rio (5:03)
  7. Is There Something I Should Know? (4:36)
  8. Union of the Snake (4:19)
  9. New Moon on Monday (E.P. Version) (5:32)
  10. The Reflex (4:30)
  11. Wild Boys (7" Edit Version) (4:17)
  12. A View to a Kill (4:04)

Disc 2 (38:42)

  1. Notorious (3:58)
  2. Skin Trade (4:24)
  3. I Don't Want Your Love (3:58)
  4. All She Wants Is (4:28)
  5. Serious (4:01)
  6. Burning the Ground (4:00)
  7. Ordinary World (4:41)
  8. Come Undone (Uncensored Version) (4:21)
  9. Electric Barbarella (4:51)


A DVD release with some very odd design decisions: (1) white-on-white text for the liner notes. WTF? (2) the main menu system consists of the word GREATEST, and you have to select a letter to go to a portion of the DVD. In web design this is called "Magic Meat" navigation, because you don't know what you're clicking on. (3) A good deal of the content is hidden away.

As well as the original uncensored versions of videos (some of them are practically soft porn), there are alternate versions, sometimes more than one per song. These are hidden as easter eggs in amongst the discography, as are snippets of interview. This makes some of the content rather hard to find. A good deal of the extras are in a DVD-ROM only section, when much of it didn't really need to be... Perhaps I'm missing the point?

Despite much of the content being hidden, this is a pretty good collection of videos.


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