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The Antidote

Artist: Morcheeba
Type: Album
Release date: 2005
Run time: 44:21
My Rating: 8

  1. Wonders Never Cease (4:13)
  2. Ten Men (4:15)
  3. Everyone Loves a Loser (4:34)
  4. Like a Military Coup (3:17)
  5. Living Hell (5:51)
  6. People Carrier (4:21)
  7. Lighten Up (4:12)
  8. Daylight Robbery (2:51)
  9. Antidote (6:20)
  10. God Bless and Goodbye (4:24)


Morcheeba's first post-Skye album is typically retro mellowness. It took me 'til the end of the first song to get used to Daisy Martey's vocals fronting the music, but she's definately worthy and then some. Perhaps surprisingly a couple of the tracks have additional male vocals on them.

I'm quite fond of the western-styled "Ten Men", the quirky and energetic "People Carrier", and the long and cruisy "Antidote".

Beware of unfurling the CD booklet, by the way, as it's almost a logic puzzle finding the correct way to fold it back up.

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