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Remixes: Honey/Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?

Artist: Moby
Type: Album
Release date: 2000
Run time: 16:38
My Rating: 7

  1. Honey featuring Kelis - Fafu's 12" Mix (6:19)
  2. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? - Red Jerry's String & Breaks Mix (5:59)
  3. The Sun Never Stops Setting (4:19)


A weird sort of release since it's CD length but features solely remixes and B sides rather than any album/single versions of the featured songs.

First up is a remix of Honey featuring additional vocals supplied by Kelis which don't seem to be that relevant to the music although they do distract from the meandering nature of the remix. Stick with the original. The "Why Does My Heart" remix OTOH is really good, successfully merging the mood of the original with a faster beat and a more ambient sound. "The Sun Never Stops Setting" also appears on Play: the B Sides, and is a relaxing ambient electronic composition not unlike the incidental from the TV show Twin Peaks.

[Cover - please do not remote link]

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