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Nuages Du Monde

Artist: Delerium
Type: Album
Release date: 2006
Run time: 57:36
My Rating: 9

  1. Angelicus (5:10)
  2. Extollere (5:32)
  3. The Way You Want It To Be (4:52)
  4. Indoctrination (5:26)
  5. Self-Saboteur (4:24)
  6. Tectonic Shift (7:11)
  7. Lumenis (6:45)
  8. Fleeting Instant (4:06)
  9. Sister Sojourn Ghost (4:52)
  10. Lost and Found (4:06)
  11. Apparition (5:06)


Somehow I missed Delerium sneaking out another album and only discovered it on Amazon when it popped up in my recommendations. Of course, I bought it immediately. Like Poem and Chimera, Nuages Du Monde sports a plethora of guest vocalists including several repeat appearances from the likes of the Mediæval Bæbes and Jael, and like those albums, it's a collection of vocal tracks with a couple of instrumentals thrown in.

"Tectonic Shift", one of the aforementioned instrumentals, has a bit of a feel of Karma-esque to it My favourites tend towards the vocal tracks, like "The Way You Want It To Be" (Zoe Johnston's voice is wonderful), "Lumenis" (which has a nice classic Delerium feel), and "Lost and Found" (one of the poppier tracks). While I don't think it's Delerium's best 00s album, I think it'll appeal a bit more to fans of Karma and Semantic Space than their previous few albums have done.

I've added the guest artists to the Delerium Who's Who.

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