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Last Night

Artist: Moby
Type: Album
Release date: 2008
Run time: 62:52
My Rating: 9

  1. Ooh Yeah (5:18)
  2. I Love to Move in Here (4:44)
  3. 257.Zero (3:37)
  4. Everyday it's 1989 (3:40)
  5. Live for Tomorrow (4:02)
  6. Alice (4:26)
  7. Hyenas (3:35)
  8. I'm in Love (3:42)
  9. Disco Lies (3:22)
  10. The Stars (4:21)
  11. Degenerates (3:58)
  12. Sweet Apocalypse (5:18)
  13. Mothers of the Night (3:19)
  14. Last Night (9:23)


Very much a return to Moby's electronic roots, almost harking all the way back to his debut album, but mixing in a more modern sound even including some rap. And why not? Last Night is, in the creator's words, supposed to sound like a night out in New York. Not having experienced such a thing, I don't know if he succeeded or not, but I'll take his word for it as a New Yorker.

Certainly it's a very upbeat dance album, at least until "Degenerates", at which point it takes a U turn and becomes cruisy. There's also a "hidden" instrumental piece after "Last Night".

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