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Artist: Mike Oldfield
Type: Album
Release date: 1996
Run time: 58:25
My Rating: 7

  1. The Song of the Sun (4:39)
  2. Celtic Rain (4:40)
  3. The Hero (5:01)
  4. Women of Ireland (6:27)
  5. The Voyager (4:23)
  6. She Moves Through The Fair (4:05)
  7. Dark Island (5:43)
  8. Wild Goose Flaps Its Wings (5:03)
  9. Flowers of the Forest (6:01)
  10. Mont St Michel (12:18)


Mike's Celtic album is somewhat lightweight and full of instrumentals. At times it feels like he's trying to translate the dense ambient sound of The Songs of Distant Earth to the realm of more traditional music, however the synth doesn't really complement it. That said, Voyager's sound is not unpleasant and actually quite relaxing. Interestingly it bears more simularity to Tres Lunas than the other albums he put out during the 90s. Not Mike's best work, but a nice diversion and it has its moments.

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