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Artist: Michelle Tumes
Type: Album
Release date: 1998
Run time: 44:52
My Rating: 9

  1. Listen (3:19)
  2. Healing Waters (5:26)
  3. Heaven Will Be Near Me (3:57)
  4. Feel (3:12)
  5. Christ of Hope (3:58)
  6. My Constant One (3:43)
  7. Untame Lion (4:27)
  8. Rest My Soul (4:13)
  9. Please Come Back (4:32)
  10. Life Is Beautiful (4:18)
  11. He's Watching Over You (3:42)


I'd heard the first two tracks on the Moods series, so I wasn't sure whether the rest of the album would be up to the same standard. Happily it is. Michelle Tumes uses multi-layered vocals and vibrant strings to create tracks thick with sound. As you may guess from the track titles, there's a decidedly Christian flavour to the album, but don't let that stop you - this album can be enjoyed by everyone.

It's hard to pick a favourite tune as they're all very good. The dramatic mid-climax of "Rest My Soul" is a high point, and I have a fondness for "Healing Waters". Perhaps "Life Is Beautiful" stands out the most simply because it's very simple - just Tumes and a piano - but powerful.

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