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The Visit

Artist: Loreena McKennitt
Type: Album
Release date: 1991
Run time: 49:05
My Rating: 8

  1. All Souls Night (5:09)
  2. Bonny Portmore (4:20)
  3. Between the Shadows (3:41)
  4. The Lady of Shalott (11:34)
  5. Greensleeves (4:26)
  6. Tango to Evora (4:09)
  7. Courtyard Lullaby (4:57)
  8. Old Ways (5:45)
  9. Cymbeline (5:01)


Loreena's third studio album is, of course, up to her usual high standard. "The Lady of Shalott" is the tragedy this time, though the female protagonist manages to die before any romance happens. This album also contains the best version of "Greensleeves" ever (and that's including the ice cream truck chimes) which alone makes it worth the price. My favourite track, though, is "All Souls Night" which is more upbeat than the rest of the songs.

The Visit seems to have been rereleased more recently with a different cover - I guess because it was originally released before she became really popular and they wanted to make her more prominent in the photo.

[Cover - please do not remote link]

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