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Artist: Spice Girls
Type: Album
Release date: 2000
Run time: 49:37
My Rating: 4

  1. Holler (4:15)
  2. Tell Me Why (4:14)
  3. Let Love Lead The Way (4:58)
  4. Right Back At Ya (4:10)
  5. Get Down With Me (3:46)
  6. Wasting My Time (4:14)
  7. Weekend Love (4:06)
  8. Time Goes By (4:51)
  9. If You Wanna Have Some Fun (5:26)
  10. Oxygen (4:57)
  11. Goodbye (4:35)


For their third album the Spice Girls seem to have changed their style radically, from pop to some sort of minimalist R&B. The songs tend to be characterised as heavy beats with 3 part harmonies under a solo, which makes them blur together and end up unmemorable. In fact, "Get Down with Me" and "Wasting my Time" have virtually identical beats creating an illusion that there's just been a pause in the song.

There's the occasional gem, but altogether too little variation in sound. Certainly none of the extremes of the first two albums.

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