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The Guards Themselves

Artist: Minuit
Type: Album
Release date: 2006
Run time: 46:10
My Rating: 9

  1. i'm sorry baby (1:11)
  2. the guards themselves (4:17)
  3. bury you in brazil (3:51)
  4. suave as sin (3:29)
  5. fuji (3:42)
  6. lock the doors block the roads (6:01)
  7. do me in (2:53)
  8. we're all scared professor (4:11)
  9. fake! (3:07)
  10. a room full of cute (4:11)
  11. forever (4:53)
  12. the sum of us (4:18)


Writing reviews for really good albums if hard, because I have to think of something to say other than "This album rocks!", which it does.

I've listened to this album every day since I got it. Once again Minuit have produced a superb album of electronica, with even more varied tracks. "Fake!", for instance, wouldn't be out of place on Moby's punk album Animal Rights, and "I'm Sorry Baby" is an equally uncharacteristic way to start off. Most of the tracks are infectiously bouncy and fun, my favourite of these being "A Room Full of Cute".

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