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The X Files: The Album

Artist: Various
Type: Album
Release date: 1998
Run time: 71:28
My Rating: 6

  1. Mike Oldfield, Tubular X (3:54)
  2. Filter, One (4:40)
  3. Tonic, Flower Man (2:56)
  4. Foo Fighters, Walking After You (4:07)
  5. Ween, Beacon Light (4:02)
  6. Sting and Aswad, Invisible Sun (4:08)
  7. The Cardigans, Deuce (3:32)
  8. Better Than Ezra, One More Murder (4:39)
  9. The Cure, More Than This (5:10)
  10. Björk, Hunter (3:30)
  11. Soul Coughing, 16 Horses (2:37)
  12. X, Crystal Ship (2:19)
  13. Sarah McLachlan, Black (4:28)
  14. Noel Gallagher, Teotihuacan (7:05)
  15. The Dust Brothers, The X-Files Theme (3:27)


A collection of songs released to cash in on the X-Files movie, most only bearing superficial relevance to said movie. The opening track - a fusion of the X-Files theme and several pieces from Tubular Bells - is eerily spooky (and mysteriously absent from the US release of this album). There's also another remix of the X-Files theme at the end of the album, courtesy the Dust Brothers.

In between are a varied assortment of tracks ranging from hard rock to the more mellow offerings of Sting, Aswad, and The Cure. Most are quite good (I'm sceptical any of them were written especially for this album) with only exception being Crystal Ship, which sounds dire mainly due to the female vocals. I mean, seriously, WTF? OTOH, Hunter prompted me to go and buy Homogenic, my first Björk album.

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