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Artist: Moods Series (Various)
Type: Album
Release date: 1996
Run time: 73:07
My Rating: 8

  1. Enya, Orinoco Flow (4:27)
  2. Deep Forest, Sweet Lullaby (3:53)
  3. Adiemus, Adiemus (5:19)
  4. Ian Anderson, In A Stone Circle (3:22)
  5. El Bosco, Nirvana (4:00)
  6. Robbie Robertson, Mahk Jcki (4:11)
  7. B-Tribe, Fiesta Fatal (6:01)
  8. Michael Nyman, The Heart Asks Pleasure First (1:35)
  9. Vanessa Mae, Theme from 'Caravans' (5:07)
  10. Enigma, Return to Innocence (4:24)
  11. David A Stewart, Lily Was Here (4:17)
  12. Sacred Spirit, Yeha Noha (4:03)
  13. Ennio Morricone, Chi Mai (5:06)
  14. Jan Hammer, Crockett's Theme (3:30)
  15. Susan Aglukark, This Child (6:23)
  16. Pandana, Marmarooni (4:59)
  17. Clannad, Theme From Harry's Game (2:23)


So begins the Moods series, with an initial focus on the World and New Age genres. The album opens somewhat aptly with one of the ultimate mood pieces, Enya's Orinoco Flow. Also joining us for this first album are the likes of Enigma, Deep Forest, Vanessa Mae, and Clannad, along with a lot of lesser-known artists such as Sacred Spirit and Susan Aglukark. This works excellently in showcasing some great artists in the field who might otherwise be unheard of. Of course, I still had trouble tracking down a copy of the album "This Child" is from...

It's kinda obvious which are my favourite tracks, as they're all (except "Harry's Game") linked to the album they're from. "Nirvana" is... sorta irritating, and

"Fiesta Fatal" is a bit odd, but generally the rest of the tracks are pretty good.

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