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Ace of Base

Ace of Base shot to popularity with their first album "Happy Nation" (or "The Sign", depending on where you live) and their following album saw their music mature and grow. Their latest album, "Flowers" or "Cruel Summer" is another step along the group's natural evolution.

I must express surprise, however, at this bizarre habit (presumably enforced by the record company) that their albums have a different name and altered tracks on the American release. The liner notes of "Flowers" state that one track was changed for the American market because it was felt the style was too "European". Well, bollocks. New Zealand's music is largely drawn from America anyway, so you think we'd have similar tastes.

Happy Nation (U.S. Version)57:4819938
The Bridge62:1419958
Cruel Summer45:2219987
Singles of the 90s59:4719997
Da Capo41:5520037


Always Have, Always Will15:0319998

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