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Singles of the 90s

Artist: Ace of Base
Type: Album
Release date: 1999
Run time: 59:47
My Rating: 7

  1. C'est La Vie (3:27)
  2. The Sign (3:08)
  3. Beautiful Life (3:39)
  4. Hallo Hallo (2:51)
  5. Always Have, Always Will (3:44)
  6. Love In December (4:00)
  7. All That She Wants (3:31)
  8. Living In Danger (3:10)
  9. Everytime It Rains (3:55)
  10. Don't Turn Around (3:48)
  11. Cruel Summer (4:06)
  12. Happy Nation (3:32)
  13. Lucky Love (2:52)
  14. Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry (6:33)
  15. Life Is A Flower (3:45)
  16. Wheel Of Fortune (3:40)


Interestingly for a greatest hits this contains a number of non-album tracks, as well as a track ("Every Time it Rains") which wasn't previously on a non-US album. There's also a coin toss as to whether album tracks are the mixes from the US or the non-US version (e.g. It has "Life is a Flower" from Flowers, but the version of "Cruel Summer" is from the US version of the same album. And "Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry" is a mix I've not heard before.

Yet again, the Americans get stiffed - the US version of this album only has 12 tracks. They miss out on "Hallo Hallo", "Love in December", "Living in Danger", "Happy Nation", "Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry", and "Wheel of Fortune" but gain a remix each of "Lucky Love" and "Beautiful Life". Why?!

Singles of the 90s also came in a blue-tinted jewel case (mine cracked already. *sigh*).

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